Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 Standard (Old Version)

Nuance Dragon



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With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard you can talk to your computer and watch your words instantly appear in letters, e-mail, instant messages and chat rooms. You can even surf the Web by speaking! Dictate and edit by voice in your favorite Windows applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook Express, America Online, and Corel WordPerfect. It’s fast, accurate, and easy to use. You can even browse, search, and navigate Web pages, all by talking. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard is fast, accurate, and easy to use. It learns to recognize your voice in fewer than five minutes, and gets better the more you use it! A noise-canceling microphone is included.

  • Speech recognition software for dictating, editing, and controlling applications
  • Surf the Web and access information by speaking URLs and links
  • Teach software to recognize your voice in as few as 5 minutes
  • Nothing But Speech technology eliminates "ums" and "ahs" from dictation
  • Free high-quality headset microphone with noise canceling technology included